Other Places to See

The city of Newcastle has lots of places to visit.

Black Gate Museum

This is Britain’s only bagpipe museum that houses special privileges for Northumbrian pipes and exhibits worldwide.


It is an old Dominican priory that was used as the temporary palace of visiting royalty. Edward I received the king of Scotland here. It now houses an Exhibition and tourist center.

Castle Keep

This castle began in the reign of Henry II and is the only part of the castle that survived. The Keep was restored in the 19th century, you can now visit the Garrison Room, Chapel, and Great Hall.

John George Joicey Museum

Located in Holy Jesus Hospital, this museum is dedicated to the city’s history and the work of the engraver Thomas Bewick who lived in the city.

Hancock Museum

A natural history museum named after John Hancock and stores all his famous collection of birds.

Museum of Antiquities

This museum is part of the university complex and holds a fine selection of Roman relics and artifacts that are unique to this museum.

Museum of Science and Engineering

This is a large museum that shows the heavy engineering equipment used and boasts over 80 full-size engines on display, it makes a good visit for a full day out with friends or family. There is lots of history to be learned within this museum.

Laing Art Gallery

A good regional gallery that holds the famous artworks of John Singer Sargent, who is known to have lived and painted in Newcastle, he is a regular topic of conversation amongst those who regularly visit the gallery.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge that tilts is known for its pleasing beauty to the naked eye. If you want to see the bridge tilt, you can find the tilting times as they are announced on the Gateshead council’s website as ships and boats pass.

There are remains of an old Roman Fort in Segedunu, which is only a short hop and skip from the Metro at the Wallsend Station, it’s not mentioned on many travel maps but is a wonderful trip to make if you are into you history.

A Central Arcade houses a Tourist Information Bureau and many shops, including the oldest music shop in Newcastle.

Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal is sometimes referred to as ‘Newcastle’s Cultural Temple’.

It opened in 1837 and still remains one of England’s most cultural landmarks and famous theatres, the biggest names in drama, music, dance and comedy play there. There are over 380 performances each year performed to a total of three hundred thousand spectators.


In Newcastle, there are two universities. The Newcastle University, which is one of the most respected universities in Europe, is located in the city center. They also house the Museum of Antiquities.

The second university, Northumbria University, is well respected and focuses on many vocational courses such as IT and design.