Newcastle United Football Club

One of the world’s most known football clubs is the premiership team Newcastle United FC, also known as ‘The Toon’ or ‘The Magpies’.

Historically they are the eighth most successful club in English football history. Many supporters refer to their club as the Toon Army.

Before 1892 two clubs existed in Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End, these clubs merged in 1892 and became known as what we know today, Newcastle United.

Their home ground is St James’ Park, which used to be the old ground of Newcastle West End.

Originally Newcastle United wore red and white stripes similar to the original kit worn by Newcastle East End. This was soon after changed in 1904 to black and white strips, mainly to distinguish themselves from main rivals Sunderland.

Since then, the kit’s color has not changed, although the color of the socks has been switched from black to white over the years. Note that Newcastle United will also change their shorts to either black or white if they are playing another team that wears striped tops and black shorts.

The away kit colors have changed considerably over the years. During the 60s–70s, Newcastle United wore away colors of blue shades. In the 80s, they adopted a green/yellow away kit very similar to Norwich City’s kit. From the 90s, the kit returned to a shade of blue and the 2007-2008 premiership season is seeing Newcastle wearing a sky-blue away kit.

The kit has had a change in sponsors over the years, including companies such as Scottish and Newcastle or S&N, NTL and Northern Rock.

Newcastle holds one of the biggest fan bases in England as they hold the position of the club with the 2nd highest attendance record.

With passionate fans that turn up regularly to every football match to show their support, it is no wonder why the club has grown into what it is today.

Fans describe the atmosphere of attending a live football match as being indescribable, with thousands of people all cheering and chanting for the same outcome, their beloved team to win the match.